Minecraft automatic cow farm [The fastest, 180 items/hour]

Do you want to make 72 leather and up to 108 auto-smelted steak every hour? This automatic cow farm only requires some wheat to breed the cows every 20 minutes and gives you leather and auto-smelted steak, separated in two chests!

The blocks you need

  • Some building blocks
  • 1 fence
  • 1 button
  • 1 dispenser
  • 1 dispenser
  • 1 repeater
  • 1 comparator
  • 1 redstone torch
  • 3 redstone
  • 1 furnace
  • 3 chests
  • 1 leather to set up the sorting
  • 9 / 11 hoppers
  • 1 water bucket

Minecraft cow farm step by step building tutorial

Step 1.

Place a dispenser 5 or 6 blocks above the ground and place a bucket of water in it! (In the tutorial, it’s placed 6 blocks high, but if you place it only 5 blocks high, you can save 2 hoppers)

Step 2.

Build around it with your building blocks, so there is a one by one hole, with the dispenser facing inside, and place a button on the block above the dispenser and a fence above the hole!

Step 3.

Place a hopper below the hole, facing to another hopper in the direction the first dispenser is looking!

Step 4.

Place two hoppers below the hopper you placed last!

Step 5.

Build this contraption you may know from sorting systems, and fill up the middle hopper with 1 leather in the first slot and 44 other blocks!

Step 6.

Continue the line and drive it into a furnace! You can fill the furnace manually, but you can place a chest full of coal and a hopper like you see in the image.

Step 7.

Drive the items to your chest with hoppers: one line from the bottom of the furnace and one from the bottom of the leather hoppers.

How to use the Minecraft cow farm?

Go at the top and press the button. The cows should go up to the top, so you can go around and breed them. When there are more than 24 cows on that block, some of them are going to die, dropping they loot in the hopper. The leathers go instantly to the chest on the right and the raw beef starts to bake. Don’t worry, if you can’t see the leather in the first minutes, there’s a chance they go to the chest only after all the beef is baked. Baby cows grow up in 20 minutes, so you can repeat the process 3 times an hour, and get up to 180 items every hour, as long as you feed them.

If you want to see the building process in video watch this:

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