Clash Royale tips and tricks (and Strategy Guide)

Would you like to be a better player? In this article you will find useful tips to improve.

Choosing or building a deck

You get 5 deck slots, but usually using and mastering 2 decks is the optimal; one for the ladder matches and one for the challenges. In challenges, there is a card level limit, so you can build your deck more freely, and there are decks, that are specialized to this gamemode (e.g. Golem Beatdown, what is hard to upgrade in ladder because of the epic cards, but it's perfect for challenges! At the moment, this deck has more chance to win a game than other cards.) Don't change your deck too often, because you have to practice the combos.

You can build your own deck, or get one from others:

  • From a YouTube star (Surgical Goblin, CWA gaming or the coolest ever, Pong TV)
  • TV Royale
  • Websites (just search on Google e.g. Clash Royale best golem deck)
  • Apps, for example Stats Royale or Deckshop. Deckshop offers you a lot of decks, and you can personalize them. You can see the statistics about your own deck, so you can improve it, and copy it to Clash Royale with a click. Stats Royale offers a deck based on you cards' level. They can be very useful when you're stuck in the game.

What is the best deck in Clash Royale?

There is no “best deck” in the game. Every deck has a counter, what the best player struggle against, too. Instead of dreaming about the best deck, find and choose what you like the most and practice it. Not the good deck, but the good player wins.

If you choose building your own deck, you have to make it varied, and balanced. You should use these types of cards (you also find an example next to the tip):

  • A tank, which is a card with a lot of health points (golem)
  • A troop targeting air troops (wizard, firecracker)
  • A troop shooting at one target (musketeer)
  • A troop with splash damage (ice wizard)
  • A spell with no counter (rocket)
  • A building (cannon)
  • A troop targeting only buildings (hog rider)
  • A low price troop, what you can lure or get time and cycle with (skeleton)
  • A card that makes the enemy troop retarget and starts again the inferno damage (ice spirit, zap)

Of course, in one deck you can't have all of them, but if you choose a deck style you like, you can start building your deck. The main deck styles are these:

  • Beat down: You start your attack from the king tower with a tank, and you place support cards behind it. You operate with big pushes and it's not a problem if you lose a tower, because you go for 3 starts. (But it's a common mistake to ignore your towers too much.) It's easy to learn, and there is no need for that much creativity, but it's respectable to master it.
  • Control: You defend against what you can and build pushes from the elixir advantage you got and deal a lot of small damage (cheap damage)
  • Cycle: It's made of small troops and an attacker. The goal is to place the attacker (e.g. hog rider) as many times as you can, so the enemy will have no defense troop to defend against your troop again and again.
  • Bait: This deck type's goal is to make the enemy place a defense card as many times as possible. (e.g. Three Musketeers, Elixir Collector, Wizard… VS Fireball, or Goblin Gang, Goblin Barrel, Princess… VS The Log) So at the endyou are going to have a card, that the enemy can't defend against. At this time, your enemy has to spend more and more elixir to defend, or he will just going to be unable to defend, what means a lot of damage.
  • Siege: These decks are built on Mortar or X-Bow. The goal is to defend these and make them focus on the tower as long as you can.
  • Spawner: The goal is to put down as many spawner buildings or troops as you can, and it will be (mainly in the double elixir time) unstoppable.

Any deck you choose, find the best combo, i.e. the card-pairs that are hard to defend against when used together. E.g. Balloon + Rage, Giant + Wizard, Hog Rider + Fire Spirit, etc.

The newly released cards (Firecracker) are usually very powerful, if you can upgrade and use them. But you should know that after 3-4 weeks they nerf it, and there will be no advantage any more. So if you have a lot of money, use it, but if you don't, just build your deck patiently. Get to know your cards very well, how they attack, how much damage they do, how many health points they have, etc. This way you won't defend against a Valkyrie with skeleton army and won't miss a tower because you don't know your rocket's damage and forgot to place a Log after it and the tower stays alive with 10 HP.

Tips for battles

  • The main goal is “huge positive elixir trade”, alias kill the enemy's troops with less elixir than the troops' cost. For example, you can counter a lonely executioner with bats, if you place them exactly when he enters your tower's range. Or if you kill three 4-5 elixir troop with a rocket, when they are crowding on the bridge. If you can do more of these in a match and you attack wisely, then you will win.
  • Hear the game, sounds can warn you when the enemy places a troop.
  • Pay attention on the time left and the enemy's towers health, maybe it's just a Fireball you should drop on the tower and you don't have to defend. Remember the enemy's cards and try to figure out what he has in his hands. If you can guess how many elixir your enemy has, you can prepare for an attack or decide if you should start a big push.
  • Use your towers' damage. Lure the enemy troops into the “death zone” where two (or even three) towers are shooting at them, which is a huge advantage.
  • As soon as your elixir reaches 10, no more elixir is going to be generated. So always be aware and use your elixir before this happens, this way you always have place for the elixir to generate. It's a problem mostly with beginners, but it is a very important tip not to give your enemy a big advantage.
  • Another tip for beginners: Until your enemy has all his towers, don't deal damage to his King Tower (for example with a badly placed Arrows), because if it gets shot, from that point it will also shoot your troops.
  • There are cards (e.g. Tornado) which you can make the enemy troops shoot you King Tower, and activate it.

Improving your skills

You can try a new deck in trainer mode, if you can three crown the enemy in the main time, the deck is probably good in real matches as well. Watch your matches again and discover your mistakes and the missed opportunities. This helps you to decide correctly in similar situations later. TV Royale can be useful too, but it's better to watch the pros on YouTube. You can find the best tutorial videos on Orange Juice's channel, for example it's shocking how many different ways you can use the Fire Spirit.

Some more good channels:

Clash Royale matchmaking

How do you win all matches in Clash Royale? There is no chance to win all matches. Here is why:
The system doesn't let your winrate go over 60%, so you will get stronger enemies who can counter your deck. I suggest you to take a break after a few wins. These breaks may help a bit , but after a while, you will surely lose. Don't be disappointed about it, play challenges or tournaments, watch videos and upgrade your cards.


Join an active clan as soon as you can. You can request cards and get gold for your donations. You can see if a clan is good if you look at it's donations/week value. If it's above 300, you should think about it, but in the really active clans, it can go above 1500. If the Clan War trophies are above 1500, that's a good sign, the more trophies the clan has, the more rewards you'll get.
If you start to manage a clan, you have to do a lot of tasks:

  • Kick out the inactive members. Not too much at a time, because players don't want to join a half-empty clan. To filter the lazy members out, use this awesome Clan Manager Tool: Clash Royale clanmanager tool. You can save a lot of time with it.
  • Check who didn't play in the actual Clan War and use the Nudge function. You can use it on Collection- and War Days.
  • On War Days some members can play 2 Final Battles. A lot of players don't notice it, so you can write them in the chat or use the Nudge function.
  • Kick out the members talking dirty, lots of the players are young, so don't let it happen. And anyway, this game is not that style.
  • Write down the requirements and the rules in the clan's description or if someone joins write it in the chat.
  • Help the players who need help or help them find a good deck if no other member does. (For example link them this article)
  • Share Clan War decks, some don't play their Final Battles because they are too lazy to build a deck.
  • Share good matches and encourage other to do it.
  • Encourage everyone. If the members improve, the clan will also improve.

The best card in the game is the credit card (and it never gets nerfed). You can reach the highest league with paying money, but take care, it can be even more than 3000$. Always think about carefully what you want to spend your money on, plan for the long term and don't buy anything randomly.There are 4x-5x value packs, these are the best deals. (But if you play a lot with a Free-To-Play deck, maybe you can solve it free. The 2.6 Hog Cycle deck is one of these.)
Look at the shop every day, because you may get free cards, chests or gems. If you want to upgrade a card fast, you should buy some of it. In my opinion it isn't worth it to buy legendary cards unless you spend money for the game. If you are Free-To-Play, you should collect gold for the upgrades. Previously it was a good deal to buy the first card, because you got it for less then you got from donating it, but it came to an end.

Don't fall for advertisements giving free gems, these usually take you to websites containing viruses or collect credit card information for hackers. They may ask for your username and password to steal your account. Supercell gets its money for selling gems, they won't give free gems through other websites.

You can use your gems best in challenges, if you can get 3-4 wins in each of them. If you can do it, or do even more forget buying gold for gems!

You can also participate in tournaments where you can get rewards for free.

Use Supercell ID to use your account anywhere. (both on your tablet and phone)

In the settings you can turn off the default music and listen to your own, but remember, it's important to hear the troops, but on worse devices it can lag.

Creator Boost code

What is a creator code?

In October 2019, Supercell introduced a creator supporting system which you can support your favourite creators with in any Supercell games. Insert your favourite creators code in-game (it’s at different places in every game, I’ll show you how to find it in Clash Royale later) and you are done. From now the creator will get five percent of your purchases, but pay close attention! These codes reset every week, so don’t forget to check it before you make any further purchases!
To support a creator in Clash Royale, you have to go to the shop tab and scroll down to the bottom. Here you can enter the code of the creator you want to support, and there you go! Again, don’t forget to reset it after a while!

How can you find out your favourite creator’s code?

There is no official list of creator codes by Supercell, but you can look it up! Your creator probably has it in the description of his videos or on screen, as it is in his interest.

How can you get a creator code?

Go to and apply to become a Supercell creator, but you have to have at least 5000 followers on any channel.

Loading screen tips collection

  • 10 Elixir is the maximum you can hold.
  • 2v2 Battle allows you to collect chests, earn Victory Gold and have fun with a friend, Clanmate or another player!
  • 2v2 Battle allows you to collect chests with a friend, Clanmate or another player - without the risk of losing Trophies!
  • A Challenge Tournament ends at either 12 wins or 3 losses - whichever comes first.
  • All buildings slowly lose hitpoints, expiring after a set amount of time.
  • All Cards are created equally, even the Royal Giant
  • All Cards can be upgraded to level 13 - that's the max level.
  • All Crown Towers target both ground and air troops.
  • Balance your Battle Deck with troops that can target both ground and air.
  • Balloon drops a bomb when destroyed. Don't stand still.
  • Big troops are vulnerable to groups of small troops.
  • Bomb Tower is good against groups of small troops.
  • Break the Dark Prince's shield first, then you can start to whittle down his hitpoints.
  • Calling Sparky a "trash can on wheels" hurts her feelings.
  • Cards come in four levels of rarity: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.
  • Challenge your friends to a Friendly Battle from the friends list!
  • Complete achievements to earn Gems!
  • Create and finish your first tournament to receive 100 Gems for completing the achievement.
  • Crown Chests and Free Chests are based on your current Arena.
  • Damage spells like the Fireball deal half damage to Crown Towers.
  • Despite the Ice Wizard being freezing cold, he has a handlebar moustache that's too hot for TV.
  • Destroy more Crown Towers than your opponent to win!
  • Destroy the enemy King's tower to get an instant victory!
  • Donating cards to your Clan gives experience and Gold, and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
  • Don't run with a mouthful of Double Trouble Gum! Unless you've had years of didgeridoo lessons.
  • Dropping trophies isn't beneficial, as chests from higher Arenas give more cards and Gold!
  • During a Friendly Battle, both players' cards are leveled up to the "Tournament Rules" for an even playing field.
  • During a Friendly Battle or Tournament, Sudden Death lasts for 3 minutes to minimise draws.
  • During a Tournament, cards in your Battle Deck are capped at: Legendary level 1, Epic level 4, Rare level 7, Common level 9.
  • During battle, your starting cards are randomly selected from your Battle Deck.
  • During sudden death, the first player to get a Crown wins.
  • Each battle can last three minutes, possibly extended by a minute of sudden death tiebreaker.
  • Each Sunday the Shop contains twice as many cards!
  • Elixir generates automatically during battle. Playing a card costs Elixir.
  • Elixir production is doubled during the final 60 seconds.
  • Epic Chests can be won from battle, but they're incredibly rare!
  • Every 24 hours you can collect 10 Crowns to unlock the Crown Chest.
  • Every win in a Challenge Tournament increases your prize!
  • Experts have long believed that Lightning is attracted to tall objects, however, new research indicates that Lightning is, in fact, attracted to high hitpoints.
  • Free Chests and Crown Chests are the only chests which can contain Gems.
  • Gain experience by upgrading your cards.
  • Gain Trophies to access new Arenas, which unlock more cards.
  • Giants can be effective on defense, too.
  • Giant Chests can be won from battle, but they're quite rare!
  • Giant Chests contain a huge amount of Common and Rare Cards, but few Epic Cards.
  • Giant Skeleton carries a large bomb, which he carelessly drops when destroyed. Oops!
  • Giants target buildings and ignore enemy troops.
  • Goblins only joined the Arena after their union signed a lucrative contract with the Royales.
  • Goblin Huts and Barbarian Huts spawn troops every few seconds.
  • Gold Chests always contain at least one Rare Card.
  • The Golem explodes when destroyed and splits into two smaller Golemites.
  • Golem has a heart made of stone.
  • Golems target buildings and ignore troops.
  • Groups of small troops are vulnerable to area damage.
  • Higher Arena chests contain more cards and Gold.
  • Hog Riders can jump over the river.
  • How many Elite Barbarians does it take to hoist a sail?
  • Ice Wizard is the coolest of casters. He flings ice shards which slow enemy movement and attack speed.
  • If you're feeling warm feelings towards the Princess, it's probably because you're on fire.
  • In 2v2 Battle, your opponents are selected based on your team's skill level.
  • In a Challenge Tournament, your opponents are selected based on your current wins in that Challenge.
  • In a Custom Tournament, your opponents are selected based on your Tournament Trophy count.
  • Inferno Tower's damage increases over time while attacking the same target.
  • Join a Clan and receive 100 Gems for completing the achievement.
  • Knight followed by Archers is a simple and effective strategy.
  • Legendary Cards can appear in the Shop once you've reached Arena 10.
  • Legendary Chests can be won from battle, but they're incredibly rare!
  • Legendary Chests contain a Legendary Card from any Arena!
  • Lure troops to your side of the Arena to engage them with your Crown Towers.
  • Magical Chests always contain at least one Epic Card.
  • One day, Wall Breakers realized that they could do a lot more damage if they THREW the bomb instead of sat beside it. Imagine that..
  • Overkill isn't in Sparky's vocabulary.
  • Play multiple cards together to create a stronger push.
  • Poison covers the area in a deadly toxin, damaging enemy troops and buildings over time.
  • Poison deals damage over time, while slowing troop movement and attack speed. It smells nasty, too.
  • Prince deals double damage to the first target he strikes while charging.
  • Protect squishy troops by deploying durable troops in front of them.
  • P.E.K.K.A. and Mini P.E.K.K.A. are easily distracted, but they hit like a truck.
  • P.E.K.K.A: No-one knows what's behind that mask. Maybe even another mask.
  • Rage increases movement and attack speed.
  • Rarer chests contain more cards and Gold.
  • Royal Giants target buildings from range and ignore enemy troops.
  • Save your Elixir to play multiple cards at once.
  • Some defensive buildings only target ground troops, while others target both ground and air.
  • Some troops deal area damage, hitting multiple units at once.
  • Sometimes holding on to a card is the best play to make.
  • Sometimes it's worth pushing for a three-Crown victory. Sometimes securing two Crowns is the smarter play.
  • Spectate Custom Tournament games by tapping the "eye" icon on the tournament leaderboard.
  • Super Magical Chests can be won from battle, but they're incredibly rare!
  • Super Magical Chests have a high chance of containing a Legendary Card.
  • Support durable troops by deploying ranged troops behind them.
  • Tesla cannot be damaged while underground, and only pops up when enemy troops are in range.
  • The Bandit is invulnerable while dashing.
  • The biggest Tournament Chests contain guaranteed Legendary Cards!
  • The Bowler is a big blue dude who digs the simple things in life - Dark Elixir drinks and throwing rocks.
  • The Graveyard spell starts a surprise Skeleton party anywhere in the Arena. Yay!
  • The King only joins the fight after taking damage or losing a Crown Tower.
  • The Lava Hound is a majestic flying beast. The Lava Pups are less majestic angry babies.
  • The Lumberjack and The Log go way back...
  • The Miner can burrow his way underground and appear anywhere in the Arena. It's not magic, it's a shovel.
  • The Princesses protect the King from atop their Crown Towers
  • The selection of cards available in the Shop refreshes every 24 hours.
  • The Wizard can control all elements, except his hair.
  • There are rumors about a card type rarer than Epic...
  • There are three types of card: Troops, Buildings and Spells.
  • Three Musketeers pack triple the punch of one, at a little over double the cost. Value!
  • Tombstone releases a group of Skeletons when destroyed.
  • Tournaments are created using your location to ensure quicker matchmaking and more spectators!
  • Tournaments are free to join and have HUGE prizes!
  • Tournaments are played using the Tournament Rules level caps.
  • Tournaments level the playing field, capping your cards and towers at the "Tournament Rules".
  • Tournaments unlock at level 8.
  • Trophies that you win are deducted from your opponent's Trophies!
  • TV Royale contains some of the best games played recently. Watch and learn!
  • Upgrading cards makes them more powerful, but their Elixir cost remains the same.
  • Use Arrows to stop a group of small troops.
  • Use emotes to show your opponent you're a good sport!
  • Use taunts to show your opponent you're a good sport. Or not.
  • Using Elixir efficiently is the key to victory.
  • We've done the math: 2v2 Battle is at least twice the fun of anything else. Probably more.
  • When deployed, all troops march towards the enemy King, attacking their preferred targets along the way.
  • When you reach a new Arena, a special one-time "Arena Pack" will be available to purchase from the Shop.
  • X-Bows and Mortars can directly damage your opponent's Crown Towers if positioned near the middle.
  • You can't Clone a Clone.
  • You can deploy on your opponent's side of the Arena after destroying one of their Crown Towers.
  • You can mute your opponent during each battle from the emote button.
  • You can play in one Custom Tournament and one Challenge Tournament at a time.
  • You can take eight cards from your collection into battle. This is your Battle Deck.
  • You can see when friends are online and spectate their battles from the friends list.
  • You receive Gold for each win, even when your chest slots are full.
  • Your experience level indicates the strength of your King and Crown Towers.
  • Your opponents are selected based on your Trophy count.

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