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  • • Dota 2 Update - April 5, 2018
    Dota Plus:* Adjusted the Hero Level XP and Shard reward curve to make earlier levels more easily attainable, with the total XP to reach Level 25 (and total Shards rewarded) remaining the same. Users' total earned XP for each hero thus far have been remapped to the new level and users were granted any missing shards that they may have missed in the ...
  • • PUBG Adding Deathmatch Style 'War Mode' To Custom Games
    When PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds first arrived last year, the game knew what it wanted to be from the get-go, and fans latched on fast. As of the time of writing, the game has thus far seen a peak of 2.26 million players on Steam today, dwarfing the #2 entry, Dota 2, with its 700K peak. Naturally, player interest is obviously going to wane ...
  • • Dota 2 Update - April 24th, 2018
    * Dota Plus Post Game screen now animates faster. The Post Game no longer has Continue buttons blocking progress for the Hero Progress and Hero Relics screen; instead, after the presentation is over, there are icons on the top right to return to the summary screens.* Hero Chat Wheel sounds will no longer be muted when announcers are muted....
  • • Now Available - The International 2018 Battle Pass
    The International 2018 Battle Pass, all new content for Dota 2 is Now Available on Steam!The International Battle Pass is here to tap into the heart of the Dota summer season. Packed full of exclusive features and rewards, the Battle Pass is sure to unearth a hoard of treasures for your stash as we approach the culmination of this year's Dota Pro C...
  • DotA 2 – Hihetetlenül népszerű idén a Battle Pass
    A DotA 2 Battle Pass idén hihetetlenül népszerű, így egy nap alatt 5 millió dollárra emelte meg az International 2018 díjazását....
  • Új játékon dolgozik a Valve
    Na nem a Dota 2 hőseivel fémjelzett Artifactre gondolunk, hanem egy teljes titokban készülő, vadonatúj projektre. Új munkaerőt is felvesznek....
  • • NVIDIA Releases 397.93 WHQL Game Ready Driver: Telemetry Changes for GDPR
    Today, NVIDIA released driver version 397.93 WHQL, featuring Game Ready support for the recently-launched State of Decay 2 and the upcoming closed beta of The Crew. Additionally, the release brings a healthy amount of bugfixes, as well as CUDA 9.2 support. Also tucked in the 393.97 release notes is the removal of the “Experience Improvement P...
  • • Dota 2 Update - May 31st, 2018
    - Added Beta support for Vulkan on macOS (requires installing Vulkan DLC). Vulkan for macOS DLC provides improved performance and reduced stutters on macOS 10.13+ with a Metal-capable GPU. Vulkan support on macOS still in beta, please file any issues at
  • • Dota 2 Update - June 12th, 2018
    * Added new post-game screen which shows progress made in your battle pass.* Dota Plus, Cavern Crawl and Battle Pass post-game screens can be skipped by clicking anywhere on the screen* Added section on the home page battle pass cell showing available Battle Pass activities* Added an indicator on the home page Dota Plus cell if you have rewards ava...
  • Valve Shuts Down Trading for Dutch Customers on Steam
    Steam users in the Netherlands are no longer able to trade items or marketplace purchases, in response to a threat of prosecution. Valve removed the features for “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” and “DOTA 2” items on Tuesday after the Dutch government issued an ultimatum to prosecute if the digital games distributor did no...
  • • OpenAI Bots Are Decimating Human Players With Ninja-Like Precision In Dota 2
    It's not quite the Skynet that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has warned us about, but researchers from the Musk-based OpenAI initiative have made a breakthrough in AI algorithms using Dota 2 as a testbed. OpenAI's achievement is remarkable due in part to its scope. Most AI versus human matches -- be it go or a computer game -- involves a single computer ...
  • • Egy MI csapat is részt vesz a The International 8-on
    A Dota 2 bajnokság történelmében először egy egész csapatnyi öntanító MI fog kiállni egy csapatnyi játékos ellen....
  • 180 évnyi videojátékozással tanították be az AI-t az esportra
    Úgy tűnik, hogy a többszereplős Dota 2-ben is jobbak lesznek a gépek az embereknél....
  • • OpenAI Wants to Beat a Professional ‘Dota 2’ Team at The International Esports Tournament
  • • Dota 2 – Elon Musk MI csapata is ott lesz a The Internationalen

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